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Despite the much bemoaned departure of band co-founder Jade Castrinos following their last full-length, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros still had 10 different musicians packed on the tiny stage at Chicago’s Old Town School of Folk Music in an intricate intertwining of instruments and personality.It was not immediately clear, however, if their eponymous, messianic leader himself would appear, as his name was crossed off the bill.It was such an honor to talk to these two talented ladies, and they are both so incredibly sweet and fun to be around. When you’re constantly moving around all the time it can be really inspiring, but also you don’t get that reflection period to let it come into fruition in whatever medium it wants to, so I think that’s that time…to take the summation of all the experiences you’ve had and let them come out in whatever form they feel.Alex Ebert popped over at the end of the interview too, just in time to answer my last question and snap a photo of me with Jade and Nora. Jade: I definitely just want to take off my clothes and have some watercolors over here, guitar over there, and just like, wander back and forth. You don’t realize how restricting wearing clothes can be until like, you can never be naked.With even the LP name itself left purposefully muddled - whether it's “persona” or “person A” is up for interpretation – the proceedings felt poised on the threshold of a new, increasingly self-aware era for the folk troubadours made famous for a certain whistling tune seven years ago. It’s nice to sort of inaugurate yourself I suppose.

Most of our songs you can sort of will into form, but these songs are sort of already in their form, waiting for you to sort of inhabit them properly. I’m proudest of this album, but if you don’t recognize that you failed at something it’s very difficult to improve anything.

Read on for the interview and some more photos from their show that night! Nora: It’s a lot more eclectic as an album, there are a lot more instruments being used, and the parts have multiplied. There was a girl playing the sitar, and I’d never really seen anybody really shred on a sitar, much less a beautiful gypsy girl, and I gave her all my euros. Nora: We’ve spent the last 6 years, more time with these people than anyone else…you’re bound to have your moments but at the end of the day we all love each other and that’s a pretty special thing to have as adults, to have a group of people like that that you actually consider family.

There’s lots of meandering, interweaving parts on a lot of the songs. Jade: My dad still to this day sells vintage guitars, and when I was 8 he had a vintage clothing and guitar store, so growing up my biggest treat was to go to thrift stores and dig around.

The affair was illicit, and the child, Carl, was handed over for adoption to a family called Ebert.

The boy became an actor, then a theatre director, before sealing his place in opera history by artistically directing the inaugural Glyndebourne festival.


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