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Dispatch must be called 48 hours in advance and up to two weeks in advance for appointments. On days your local school is closed due to the weather, the Rural Transit van is closed.

Rural Transit riders are not required to contribute for services provided,although donations are accepted and encouraged.

*Appointments are not required, but are scheduled for your convenience.

Information is also available on many other senior benefits and services, including but not limited to: housing options including subsidized, independent, assisted and skilled nursing living facilities; adult day care and in-home care services; reduced fee motor vehicle registration and other transportation options.

Inside this beautiful two-story, 43,000 square-foot center, there are many rooms that meet and exceed the needs of Fontana's seniors.

From being better informed about your health through seminars tooffering various resources for taking better preventive healthmeasures, Sacred Heart Health Systems Senior Spirit!

Clermont Senior Services is a private, 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to serving older adults.

If you need information about services in other areas, you will be referred to a service provider in those regions.

The Information and Assistance service is an internal function of the Merced County Area Agency on Aging.

Each Area Agency on Aging contracts with an Information and Assistance (I&A) provider who assesses the needs of the individual calling for assistance, links the caller to specific services, and then provides follow-up to ensure, when possible, that the needed services were received.

Staffed by both professionals and volunteers, these I&A's give accurate and up-to-date information to seniors and their families about programs and services in their community.


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