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On twitter, he tweets that it is his personal matters.

But the experts said that he away from political reporting and want to start other interests.

Afterward, he was hired by NBC in 2008, after his father’s quick death from a heart attack. Where he covered the youth issue in the presidential campaign. But what is the main reason behind his resigned from NBC is still unknown.

As such, they now lead very comfortable lives, likewise their close friends as well.

Briana (Bree for short) is a stunning cinnamon redhead, natural dark skin with bright emerald green eyes as befitting her Irish-Nordic ancestry (and temper! Five feet eight inches tall, with full firm large high set breasts that had that a pronounced European up tilt to them, small nipples and small areolas.

Bree immediately insisted that she stay with them as they had not seen in each other in a couple of years due to Shannon’s successful travel business which Shannon had recently sold for a very hefty profit, looking to relocate to an area where she had friends and thought of Bree and how very close they use to be and wanted to renew that deep friendship.

All involved had almost reached their very early thirties and had been driven in their careers.


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