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So when they get sexual, it’s uncomfortable and weird — an intentional narrative choice and a wrong-headed price to pay for Enzo’s transformation into a good man.

It’s unfortunate because if Alessia’s history of victimization and her bond Enzo was handled differently (and a bit more wisely), the film would be a lot stronger.

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is an uneven but solidly satisfying entry that revamps the format with a gritty aesthetic and a character-driven approach set in the midst of mafia-torn modern Italy. He’s a low-rent thug with nothing to believe in, who subsists on pudding and pornography in the downtime from his dirty work.

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Enzo and Alessia have a lovely dynamic and sweet, if unorthodox, love between them — a fumbling attraction between two adults stuck in immaturity — and it’s effervescent with the chemistry between Pastorelli and Santamaria.

Both actors play their roles raw and to the bone, treating the material like they would a prestige drama.

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