Updating sequence

One of the smart features of Database Manager is that database configurations for the most popular public databases are updated automatically, by downloading configuration data from the Matrix Science web site.This means that, for databases such as Swiss Prot and NCBIprot, all you need do to make a new sequence database available for searching in Mascot is: When a new database is created, unless it is predefined, you will either need to supply download URLs for the files or copy the files manually to the specified directory on the Mascot Server before configuration can be completed.

This was necessary with Windows 10 1607, due to a broken Windows Update Agent in the Vanilla Image.

The text just reverts back to the point were it stopped working.

If I restart Premiere it works again, but only for a while.

I think this is a bug, but if anybody has a solution please let me know.

To date 142 species have been described in the Vibrionaceae family of bacteria, classified into seven genera; Aliivibrio, Echinimonas, Enterovibrio, Grimontia, Photobacterium, Salinivibrio and Vibrio.


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